A r t D e m i c

Smritilekha Gogoi


Acrylic on canvas

I have always been curious about how human beings react, feel, engage overall behave to different situations around them whether it’s personal or social. Taking into account of different values of human beings along with the way they deal with them regarding the origin, caste or background each person belongs to I have noticed that each of their behaviour might be drastically different. The relations and connections of how we human beings share and deal with those connections in public places and in our most personal spaces interests me. Human behaviour in varied situations consciously and subconsciously can bring in many outcomes of which nobody would have even thought of. So, for now, I have mainly been working on the different human emotions we primarily deal with, along with the result of the way of understanding a situation including our way of action towards that condition, which I personally feel are the outcomes of some basic points as in our upbringing, our language, the environment we are being brought up.