A r t D e m i c

Open call


We announced our open call for Architecture and Urban Landscape on 10th September 2022.

The concept of architecture dates back in history to when humans stopped living in caves and became conscious of the aesthetics of their urban surroundings. What started simply as an accommodation structure, through time turned into a tangible form of cultural thought. A language of its own, architecture can be a reflection of the societies it houses, and tell stories of its time

As always, all creators were welcome to submit work including artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, architects, animators and in any format; photographs, paintings, drawings, sketches, illustrations, animations to name a few. The last date of submissions was 25th September 2022.

We featured a curated selection of works every week and a micro grant of ₹10,000 was awarded to Ananda Krishnan who had the top work from the open call, as judged by our Artdemic board of curators.