A r t D e m i c

Artdemic x IAF Open call


Artdemic in partnership with India Art Fair and The Gujral Foundation, hosted Future Flex, an Artdemic open call, to select an artist to design the facade of the India Art Fair 2022 tents.

Artdemic announced the open call on 1st November 2021 and gave our community of creators the incredible opportunity to use the 1,30,000 sq. foot. tents as their canvas to bring their creative visions to life and have it seen by cultural influencers, leaders in the art world and art lovers from around the world.

The creators responded to the theme Deep Future to design their artworks for this open call. On 23rd November 2021, Anshuka Mahapatra, a 24-year-old artist was named the winner of over 100 entries, offering her an incredible opportunity to showcase her work on a giant scale at India’s leading art fair.

The artist’s (whose practice is rooted in printmaking) work celebrated the ideas of hope, love, life and togetherness. Using poetic phrases in seven regional Indian languages, including Odia, Assamese, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam and English; the artist brought to mind fleeting and evocative moments of beauty from everyday life.