A r t D e m i c

Open call


Our community of creators harnessed ‘The Power of The Word’ in art for this open call.

The Spoken Word and Text-based art invited us to reflect on the significance of words in our lives, the weight they carried, and the responsibility we had in using them. It challenged us to reconsider the power dynamics embedded in language and encouraged us to question the dominant narratives that shaped our understanding of the world.

All creators were welcome to submit their work. We encouraged artists, designers, architects, illustrators, photographers, animators, and all creators to send in their work in any format ranging from drawings and paintings to photographs and spoken word performances. We featured a curated selection of artwork every week until the end of the open call.

The Power Of The Word open call closed on Sunday, 9th July 2023. Gurdev Singh was named the winner and was awarded a micro grant of ₹10,000/-.

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