A r t D e m i c

Archana Singh

Soil by Archana Singh (@archana_singh_431)

My work is the outcome of examining the paradigm of “process” in any form. Drawing towards the life force, under the profound insight of metaphysics and physiology. Material qualities have their own purpose in my work to act as a “manipulative ingredient”. Where my organic objects condition represents the related coexisting “issues” living in today’s environment.
Today’s existence issue dwells like a “west wind” from Shelley’s poem “ode to the west wind”.
In the core structure, we coexist ending up as a “destroyer and PRESERVER”. In my art
practice, I believe in taking practical action in the present material world. By preserving the organic found objects passing through the flux of time.
In my industrial residence area, I carried out a case study on the found objects. where I have preserved the found wood. and treated and restore the surface by applying gum Arabic. A substitute for additive-free material. Where I have portrayed observed related conditions to the landmark. there, the soil was to evidence to me. I made video documentation to study the soil tension and found the soil to be dry and impermeable resulted from the aridity in the landscape. The “dryness” in the landscape shows the contaminated properties. Extended my research queries: what may cause further structural problems?