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Kanika Nagpal

Kanika Nagpal

Working under my house by Kanika Nagpal
Soil and acrylic on canvas

I live on the second floor of a four-storied building where my father’s factory is on the ground floor! Both of them have been the center of my art practice. When the machines of the factory are in use, they make a mark on the wall. During the lockdown when the machines were not being operated, it seemed like those wall marks were creating a sound of the working machine in my head. Since my childhood, I have been hearing the sound and feeling the vibrations of the machines which made me realize that the factory is open. when my eyes are closed it feels like some music where the sound affects my emotions immediately, without any thought or explanation.
Those sounds, a very prominent part of my consciousness showed up in my work. I use soil as a base of my work to create the feeling of the factory. But during the lockdown, no such activities were taking place. Since, I was at home, playing games with my family and spending quality time with my plants became the new normal which helped in building up my work in many ways.