A r t D e m i c

Aakash Dubey

Line Drawing

“Architecture and urban planning have a substantial potential to satisfy the pressing need to erase, rewrite and overwrite history with new material that has become more suitable. Cities are subject to vital efforts in designing the urban environment, as the demand for places to consume, reside and work continues to evolve and coincide with the political and economic representative agenda.
The physical design of public spaces dictates how individuals move, limit, or allow user access and encourage or prevent individual and group encounters. These design features range from small furnishings to large parks that run along waterfronts or border highways.
The work Line Drawing is a long photograph of one of the city walls, documented while walking on the street. The documentation of the work is in itself a performative act of ‘drawing a line’ dissecting space physically. An image of a wall that moves around dividing, making marks that further separate the land into multiple halves.”