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OPEN CALL Open call EVERYTHING PRIDE We are celebrating Pride Month with an ‘Everything Pride‘ Open Call in June 2024. We are calling all creators from the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies to submit artworks exploring what ‘Pride‘ means to you. We are accept

OPEN CALL Open call TRIBAL ART India is home to more than 2500 tribes and ethnic groups. For the ‘Tribal Art‘ open call, we invited our Artdemic creators to submit artworks they created in any tribal based art form from a Gond wonder to an intricate Madhubani.   India is

OPEN CALL Open call PAPER ART For our ‘Paper Art’ open call, we called upon our Artdemic creators to submit any paper based artwork, we encouraged them to explore the medium to create meaningful and beautiful works of art. We use some form of paper daily, it has evolved to become

OPEN CALL Open call FIBER ARTS The ‘Textile and Fiber Art‘ open call, welcomed our community of creators to showcase their talent and creativity in the realm of Textile and Fiber Art. The evidence of textiles can be found dating back to the prehistoric age — textiles hav

OPEN CALL Open call Any & All Art We returned with our special edition of ‘Any & All Art’ for this open call. For this call, our community of creators did not need to work within the framework of a theme and there were absolutely no rules, the sky was the limit. We encour

OPEN CALL Open call Street Art We called upon all urban artists and graffiti maestros to unleash their creativity on the streets in our electrifying ‘Street Art’ open call, announced on 20th August. Street art is an expressive form of visual art that takes place in public

OPEN CALL Open call Anything Ceramic We encouraged all ceramic enthusiasts to embrace the beauty of the medium in our open call – ‘Anything Ceramics’. Ceramics are one of the oldest and most versatile art mediums, our creators explored the boundless possibilities of the medium.

OPEN CALL Open call POWER OF THE WORD We were ecstatic to announce ‘The Power of the Word’ open call, an an exciting call of The Spoken Word and Text based art, we invited our community of creators to reflect on and harness the significance of words in our lives, the weight they c

OPEN CALL Open call VUEDEMIC 2.0 Vuedemic, the film extension of Artdemic, came back with a successful second edition, 'Vuedemic 2.0', we received exceptional works from artists and independent filmmakers through open call in collaboration with The Gujral Foundation. We acce

OPEN CALL Nature, Wildlife and Landscapes Nature, Wildlife and Landscapes  Our previous open call was all about Nature, Wildlife and Landscapes!   This open call celebrated the magic of planet earth and all its natural elements. We featured artworks portraying natural elements such